Motorhome Brokerage Service

Oaktree Motorhome's Motorhome Brokerage Service will get you the best price!

As an alternative to our Instant Cash Buyer service where you can get an instant cash payment for your motorhome [Sell Your Motorhome],  you can still benefit from selling your motorhome through us using our Motorhome Brokerage Service, rather than selling privately and can get a higher return for your motorhome whilst minimising the hassle.

Easy to use Motorhome brokerage service from Oaktree Motorhomes

We will handle the whole sale for you (including any finance connected with your motorhome) and give a much higher cash return once the vehicle has sold. We will provide exactly the same level of service as we do for our own motorhomes (3 year warranty, full cleaning, service and MOT) all for a fixed brokerage fee.

We will pick up your motorhome and provide storage at our large site in Nottingham. We will pick up from anywhere in the UK.

There are some distinct advantages:

  • No Strangers coming to the door or calling on the phone
  • No advertising or listing costs
  • No awkward haggling or time wasters

Enjoy the professional Oaktree Motorhomes touch:

Higher returns than an instant cash sale, together with...

  • All finance settled
  • Free collection
  • All within 24 hours


Don’t forget to take a look at the vehicles we have in stock [Click here to browse our stock of over 75 motorhomes].  You’ll be surprised at how affordable they are.  If we haven’t got the exact model you’re after either give us a call on 0115 930 3140 or email us at or just fill in the form below and we’ll let you know as soon as we get new stock in.

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