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Winterising Your Motorhome

Winterised motorhomes lined up in the snowIf winterising your motorhome for storage is your choice for the winter months, whether you’re using a newer or an older model you do need to take some precautions.  Here is Oaktree Motorhomes’ practical guide to winterising your motorhome.

Winterise your Motorhome to protect it when in storageYou may be interested to know that many motorhome owners are deciding to keep on travelling throughout the winter months. And why not; motorhomes are often well insulated against the cold, so you might want to consider using it every chance you get.

Nevertheless, others prefer to pack up their van when the nights start to draw in and wait until the warm weather arrives. Grab our free guide to Winterising your motorhome where we identify 30 simple, but practical things to do that will prepare your motorhome for winter storage and protect your investment until the warmer weather arrives.

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