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Friday Favourites – Travelling to France

Oaktree Motorhomes - Friday Favourite Blog articles roundup

Welcome to Oaktree Motorhomes' Friday Favourites.  This is where we pull together a number of news and social media resources that have caught our eye throughout the week.  They may be funny or serious, but we aim to make them interesting and useful to you wonderful motorhome folk.  Keep an eye out for these every Friday.

Travelling around Europe can be an wonderful adventure.  It's not that difficult really but it just takes a bit of planning and organisation.  We've brought together a bunch of resources that should help you get to grips with it all.

Your French adventure Starts here

If you're coming from the UK or Republic of Ireland where we drive on the left-hand side of the road then driving on the right-hand side can be slightly disorientating to start with but it is easily learnt and once mastered becomes second-nature.

Nevertheless, there are just a few things that need to be prepared for before you start your journey.

It's always a good idea to go through a check list and we think this is a good one.  click here for more information: Driving Check List for France

The best manual road map for France is often a toss-up between the Michelin Road Atlas of France and the  and the AA/IGN Road Atlas of France. You decide.

If your vehicle has been converted to LPG or you use it to run your heating, cooking or power generation you'll need to keep an eye on the prices.  and find out where to buy LPG in France

Everyone loves apps don't they? Did you know that there are 5 FREE(ish) apps to choose from that help you find cheap fuel as you travel around France.

There are a huge number of resources on the Internet that help you find motorhome friendly campsites across france.  Here are a few we really like.

Here's a useful blog post from us showing you what to do if you want to take your dog abroad.  After all, you'll really will miss them and it's not that difficult to organise.  Do bear in mind that hot weather and dogs are not best suited.  Here's a link to the Blog Post.

motorhome videos made for you

Having loads of photos and even a 360 degree Google photosphere is all well and good but we felt this was all very 'static' and didn't really show the vehicle off to its best.  We've had a play with videoing the vehicles with a running commentary and we think this works very well.  Now, not everyone performs well in front of a camera but our Motorhome technician, Dave Murden, has done a cracking job of the first few, so let's show you a couple of them so you know what they look, and sound, like. Our customers really seem to like them too as it gives a proper perspective of the vehicle.

Hymer B544

Auto-Sleepers Amethyst

Motorhome AdventureS

What travel adventures have you planned for 2018? If, like many, you're hibernating in the UK then perhaps you'll be inspired to get your sun-chasing plans in place.  We know of many that have scooted off to Spain and Portugal for the winter months and we don't blame them!  We've found some really good blog resources if you fancy following in their footsteps.  For example, we hope these guys give you some great ideas of what to do and where to go across Europe. Definitely worth following. 

If you need Inspiration to travel, how about following these guys, Myles and Karen

They, by their own admission, are a fun loving couple who sold up, packed it all in and bought a motorhome to travel, seeking out new countries to explore their cultures.  They set out to live life with freedom and adventure in their pockets and to allow their experiences to feed their curiosity. Travel has now become their way of life and they do it not because they want ‘to escape life, but so that life doesn't escape them’. With each country they discover, their passion and purpose grows.

Click on the icons below to read their story and be amazed at their journey! and don't forget to like, follow and share their great adventures in a motorhome.

New Stock alert

Here's a number of new vehicles that you might be interested in... So new that we've not had a moment to photograph them (although by the time you get to the website they may have photos).

Another new motorhome has arrived in stock!
Hymer T554 SL
Another new motorhome has arrived in stock!
Swift Bolero 714SB Black Edition
Another new motorhome has arrived in stock!
Auto-Sleepers Warwick Duo

Wait!..  There's more...  Just click here to see all of our motorhome stock!

Big Savings to be made

Here's a selection of huge savings to be made on a selection of amazing motorhomes in stock at the moment.  Drive down to us and grab a bargain. There's always a warm welcome, a refreshing cup of tea or coffee and some yummy biscuits and snacks. 

Chausson Welcome 628 EB
Hymer B534 Huge Savings
Hymer B534
Pilot P650 GJ Huge Savings
Pilot P650 GJ
Auto-Trail Dakota SE
swift lifestyle 696
Swift Lifestyle 696
Auto-Sleepers Broadway EW
Auto-Sleepers Broadway EW

If you're venturing out this January then it's always a good idea to check the weather forecast as the road conditions can be difficult.  Click on the image to the left or the title above to take you to the BBC's weather site.  Stay safe and warm out there!  All the best from Oaktree Motorhomes!

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