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Oaktree Motorhomes - Friday Favourite Blog articles roundup

Welcome to Oaktree Motorhomes’ Friday Favourites.  This is where we pull together a number of news and social media resources that have caught our eye throughout the week.  They may be funny or serious, but we aim to make them interesting and useful to you wonderful motorhome folk.  Keep an eye out for these every Friday.

Oaktree Blog Post Roundup

We’ve been writing about some very interesting motorhome topics over the past few months. Now, rather than let them just sit there we thought that now people are bringing their motorhomes out of hibernation and getting ready for the season ahead it a good time to remind you of some of them.

Using Disabled Badges in Europe
What driving licence do I need for a Motorhome

The EU Model Parking Card for people with disabilities has been widely adopted across the EU. It entitles you to park in designated bays in over 29 European countries. These countries offer visitors the same entitlements as the local Blue Badge Holders. Nevertheless, each country has its own scheme, so you should always be careful where you park.  

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With motorhome ownership becoming more attractive for us Brits (after all, we’re world renowned explorers, aren’t we?) you may find it useful to know what types of vehicles you can drive on your licence.

The UK driving licence terms can sometimes be difficult to understand, but in this article, we’d like to straighten things out as it’s not as complex as it might seem.

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Spotting and Preventing Damp in your motorhome

It’s the one big thing motorhome owners dread – the smell and sight of damp!

Even with manufacturing techniques advancing all the time there is always a chance that faulty seals around windows, doors and roof lights can let water seep in. In older vehicles, awning rails together with body panels and corner joints can be a big source of damp problems.

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Motorhome finance explained in simple terms

When financing a used motorhome much of the finance available is provided under a Hire Purchase agreement spreading the cost across a number of years.  Depending on the age of the vehicle, this could be up to 10 years.  From our 20+ years’ experience, this is the simplest way of providing affordable and easy to understand finance on a used motorhome.

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Motorhomes travelling abroad

For those of us that need to keep in touch through email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, mobile apps, websites etc., having internet access can be a godsend. You may need it on the odd occasion or all the time. You may need a small amount of data or a torrent. Everyone uses the Internet in different ways and there are many solutions and a lot of confusion still remains.  Let us help you decide which solution fits your needs.

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Pet Passort - taking your dog abroad

Here’s a useful blog post from us showing you what to do if you want to take your dog abroad.  After all, you’ll really will miss them and it’s not that difficult to organise.  Do bear in mind that hot weather and dogs are not best suited.  

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motorhome walkaround videos made just for you

Having loads of photos and even a 360 degree Google photosphere is all well and good but we felt this was all very ‘static’ and didn’t really show the vehicle off to its best.  We’ve had a play with videoing the vehicles with a running commentary and we think this works very well.  Now, not everyone performs well in front of a camera but our motorhome technician, Dave Murden, has done a cracking job of the first few, so let’s show you a couple of them so you know what they look, and sound, like. Our customers really like them too as it gives a proper perspective of the vehicle.

Motorhome AdventureS

What travel adventures have you planned for 2018? If, like many, you’re hibernating in the UK then perhaps you’ll be inspired to get your sun-chasing plans in place.  We know of many that have scooted off to Spain and Portugal for the winter months and we don’t blame them!  We’ve found some really good blog resources if you fancy following in their footsteps.  For example, we hope these guys give you some great ideas of what to do and where to go across Europe. They are definitely worth following.

The motoroamers go greek 

If you need Inspiration to travel, how about following these guys, Myles and Karen

This is their latest blog entry – Going Greek!

Miles says, “As I write about our Greek adventures for a magazine article this week, I have noticed how many posts there are on Facebook about heading to this luscious land this year. I’m sure it’s always been a popular destination – after all who wouldn’t want golden sands, white washed, cobbled-stoned street villages and azure blue seas! I’m in!”

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New Stock alert

Here’s a few of our newest vehicles that you might be interested in… So fresh into stock that we’ve not had a moment to photograph them (although by the time you get to the website they may have photos).

Wait!..  There’s more…  Just click here to see all of our motorhome stock!

Big Savings to be made

Here’s a selection of huge savings to be made on a selection of amazing motorhomes in stock at the moment.  Drive down to us and grab a bargain. There’s always a warm welcome, a refreshing cup of tea or coffee and some yummy biscuits and snacks. 

If you’re venturing out this January then it’s always a good idea to check the weather forecast as the road conditions can be difficult.  Click on the image to the left or the title above to take you to the BBC’s weather site.  Stay safe and warm out there!  All the best from Oaktree Motorhomes!

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