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Layout is the first choice to get the right motorhomeYour motorhome layout will be the crucial success factor!  We’ve talked to many of our customers who would suggest that there are lots of personal preferences and logical choices to be made as well, but the layout is at the top of the list. If you’re going to make a success of living in such a relatively small space, possibly for extended periods of time, then, when choosing a motorhome, layout becomes the most important aspect.

It’s not just a logical choice!

When searching for a used motorhome to buy you’ll have a good idea of which manufacturers you like. Many will know if they want a manual or automatic. If you plan to tour the UK then a right-hand drive is a natural choice. But if you see Europe being your destination then a left-hand drive may well be more ideal. Weights and sizes will depend on your driving license categories and experience. There’s a lot of personal yet logical preferences in all of this of course. So let’s think about this: It’s got to be a right-hand drive, automatic, under 3.5 tonne and German-built… Hmmm

Who’s choice is it?

Ah, but that’s not really going to work, is it… you should have known better as you hear the words from your other half, “I’m only interested in a van with fixed twin singles. I also want an end washroom and it must have a separate shower and toilet”
Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Start with ‘layout’ first

The big choice, as we all learn with experience is ‘The Layout’. This will make or break almost every other choice. Whether its ‘rear singles’ or an ‘island bed’ or a ‘split central washroom’, this is what you should have started with. There is no compromise in this basic need, so everything else you’ve considered is now part of the compromise you’ll make. The bedroom, kitchen, lounge and washroom layout should be the absolute best it can be. Even cost is low down the priority list (honest, it really is).
So, learn the lesson and learn it well. The big decision starts with the layout and everything else is a compromise. That means you may well be driving a manual when you wanted an automatic, and it may also mean you may need to change your budget expectations too… hopefully downwards.

Make a list of layout choices that suit you

Once you know how many berths you need (by the way, it’s hardly ever 2 even if there’s just 2 of you) then we can help you look at how it is all laid out. The categories listed below gives you a simple checklist but if you click on the following link to CaravanFinder Motorhome Layouts you’ll see loads of variations.  Some you’ll like and some you definitely won’t, but it’s still not an easy decision. When you’ve been through them all and listed your preferences, you’ll need to see them up close and personal.

Come and browse over 75 used motorhomes today!

Looking at a computer screen or a piece of paper isn’t a replacement for getting hands-on.  If you want to look at 10-15 vehicles that will meet your needs that’s fine, but did you really think you could make a decision that quickly… no chance… the customers who only want to look at five vehicles often browse around the other vans and see something they hadn’t considered and that ends up being their ideal layout.  That’s why, at Oaktree, we leave ALL the vehicles unlocked so that you can really get the feel of how each layout would work for you in practice.

Come down and visit us today and you’ll see what we mean.

Typical Motorhome Choice Options

Vehicle 360-degree internal motorhome tours

To allow you to get a really good idea about how the layout would work for you in practice we’ve provided 360-degree internal interactive videos of each vehicle.  You’ll find them on the right-hand side of each vehicle page. see an example below:

Where to find the internal 360 degree tours on our web pages

Example motorhome layout choices grouped by habitation area

Popular Bed configurations

  • No fixed bed
  • Twin single beds
  • Transverse bed
  • Island bed
  • Side, or French, bed
  • Bunk beds

Popular Kitchen configurations

  • Front
  • Centre
  • Rear

Popular Washroom Configurations

  • Centre
  • End (rear)
  • Split Centre
  • Split End
  • Front

Popular Dinette Configurations

  • End Dinette
  • Front/Middle
  • Double Each End

Popular Door Configurations

  • Left Side Door
  • Right Side Door
  • Mini Van (rear)

Come and check out over 75 Motorhomes today!

Once you’ve selected your ideal layout(s) get down to Oaktree Motorhomes to browse these and all our other vehicles.  They are all unlocked and open for your convenience and it’s an unhurried process with no hassle from salespeople.

Did we mention that every vehicle comes with a FREE 3 year RAC warranty!

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