Oaktree Motorhomes Doesn’t Attend Shows?

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Oaktree Doesn't attend Shows. You'll have to visit us to get our great prices.

That includes THE MOTORHOME AND CARAVAN SHOW at the NEC  and all the others throughout the year. We realise that may be disappointing, but don’t let that put you off going. They are a great day out for all visitors and great for researching your ideal layout.

We quickly realised that we would be better off discounting our stock of over 75 quality used motorhomes and campervans to give you a better deal. So we’ve decided not to attend any shows for the foreseeable future and put our time and resources to better use.

We think that sounds fair? Why not give us a call on 0115 871 3916 and see what great deals can be had?

Huge discounts across the range

Instead of spending huge amounts of time and money going to shows, Oaktree Motorhomes will be offering massive discounts and superb prices on used and nearly new motorhomes and campervans from our stock of over 75 vehicles. You could potentially save tens of thousands of £££s by buying a quality used motorhome or campervan from us.

By selecting a used vehicle, instead of buying new, you may also get thousands of pounds worth of accessories thrown in too. Awnings, satellite TV, air conditioning, bike racks, A-frames, and so on. It can really add up. Buying a used motorhome or campervan from Oaktree Motorhomes could be the best decision you ever made. But remember, you won’t see us at any of the motorhome shows.

Don’t forget, there’s the VAT aspect too. You’ll be paying 20% VAT on a new vehicle – on a £70,000 new motorhome that could run to nearly £14,000 just in tax. That’s a large amount to be wiped off the value of a new motorhome as soon as you drive it off the forecourt. Think of all the adventures you could have for £14,000!

Go to a Motorhome Show? No thanks!

You may not realise it but it’s an expensive undertaking to exhibit at a motorhome show and can cost a dealer upwards of £20,000 (sometimes double that, and more!) and that excludes staff time, travelling, hotels, meals, etc. That money comes out of the profit that dealers make, so they need to make a substantial profit from you to cover that cost. We’ve decided that we would rather pass huge savings on to you instead.

What are the advantages of buying used?

There are lots of advantages to buying a pre-owned motorhome:

  • If you buy new, the 20% VAT depreciation happened as soon as the vehicle left the original dealer’s forecourt
  • You save thousands! Even tens of thousands!
  • All the initial problems have been ironed out – trust me, there are always a few
  • Motorhomes don’t often do huge mileage, so the engine is often in top nick
  • You’ll get more for your money – guaranteed
  • We’ll happily take another vehicle in part exchange – no hassle
  • It may even have those essential accessories, like a satellite dish, awning or bike rack
  • Our guarantee and 3-year warranty package gives you total peace of mind
  • We’ll also give you 12 months road fund tax and MOT too.

Choosing and buying should be a low stress/no stress experience

Oaktree Motorhomes prides itself in giving you an uninterrupted browsing experience where all the vehicles are unlocked and open. So if you do enjoy a day out at one of the shows this year, note down your ideal vehicle layout or a set of wish list items and then pop over to see us in Awsworth, Nottingham (NG16 2HH) and take a leisurely stroll around the huge stock of unlocked and open motorhomes and campervans we have for sale. If you can’t get across to see us immediately, please browse the web site (www.omcmotorhomes.co.uk) and give us a ring.

And when you’re ready, pop into our comfortable reception area and we’ll offer you tea, coffee and a range of snacks. After all, it can be hard work choosing the right motorhome for your new travelling adventures.

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