The Oaktree Package: 17 Essentials

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The Oaktree Package: 17 Essentials

The Oaktree Package describedIf you’re buying a used motorhome, we ‘d like to think that you would want to buy from someone who has your best interests at heart and treats you with respect.  We spend a lot of time listening very carefully to our customers and their needs, likes and dislikes.  Over the years we’ve built up a reputation for caring about our customers and we know that this isn’t always the case for the motor industry as a whole! From the tens of thousands of customers that have visited us over the years, there are some common threads running through the conversations we have that have enabled us to provide and fine tune “The Oaktree Package”.  This has allowed us to focus on what is most important for visitors to our site and makes the buying experience that much more enjoyable.

So, here’s our list of 17 essentials that make for the best customer experience when buying a used motorhome. While we believe every point discussed below is absolutely essential, we’ve attempted to put them into some order of priority based on customer feedback.

Jason handing over a vehicle to a happy customer
Jason handing over a vehicle to a happy customer

1. All Vehicles are Unlocked and Open

This seems to be where the great feedback from our customers starts… Nobody wants to go cap in hand back to reception and get a salesman to unlock a vehicle for you. What if you want to look in 5 vehicles, or 20, or even 50.  That will get very tedious, very quickly for you and the salesman.  Oaktree leaves all the motorhomes unlocked so that you can browse them at your leisure. Looking for a motorhome to suit your needs is a very personal thing and seeing different vehicles with different layouts can be a real eye-opener as to what is possible.  We know lots of customers have come to us with a definitive list of requirements, but then, after browsing around a number of motorhomes, come up with an almost completely different list. What often seems logical to you on paper doesn’t often work out in practice, so always keep an open mind.

2. Hassle-free, stress-free browsing

When you’re looking at and comparing different layouts you really don’t need a salesman to hover over and hassle you.  We believe you should be left alone to wander around and check out the vehicles yourselves. When you’ve narrowed it down to maybe three or four motorhome layouts, models and manufacturers, then it may we worth a chat with someone who is knowledgeable about the rest of the stock too.  Much of what our job is is to point out alternatives that you may or may not have viewed. If you tell us why you want the motorhome (specific hobbies and sports often come with a set of requirements and constraints) then we can often provide some salient points for you to consider.

Jay hands over a motorhome to a happy customer!

3. Friendly, helpful salespeople

When you’re trying to look at many motorhomes and their layouts you don’t want to be hassled by having a salesperson following you around. It feels so intrusive. Our customers tell us that they would rather ask questions when they’re ready.  Sometimes people just need some small amount of guidance/advice and left alone to gather their own thoughts.  That’s exactly what we do.  If you want some help and there’s nobody wandering around just pop into our reception and let us know you need some help. You’ll find all our staff very friendly and helpful. Their only concern is to make sure you get the very best service from us.

4. Free 3 Years RAC Warranty

This is often the biggest difference between Oaktree Motorhomes and other dealers.  We are so confident in our ability to check and service all makes and models of motorhomes that we will guarantee our work by providing you with a 3 year, RAC backed warranty, absolutely free of charge.  We understand that it’s a big decision to buy a motorhome and you really do not want them to go wrong after you drive away.  That’s why we employ and train only the best mechanics and equipment specialists so if we think an item needs replacing then we replace it.  If it fails when you’ve left our site we feel responsible.  But if that does happen, don’t worry! We’ll help you get it fixed, no matter where you are. If it’s a warranty claim that’s needed, we’ll help you with that too. Total peace of mind… Free of Charge!

A wonderful buying experience, even our dog is happy!5. Free 12 Months MOT

If your motorhome is over 3 years old then, by law, you’ll need to have it MOT’d. It’s yet another reality-check that all is well with the vehicle.  We use a local testing station that has the capability of testing both cars and commercial vehicles (including motorhomes).  They can cope with even the biggest motorhomes and we like to know everything about the vehicle so that we can ensure you get a fully serviced and serviceable motorhome.

6. Free 12 Months Road Tax

You really don’t want to be bothered with sorting out Road Tax after 6 months or paying extra for it. We are amazed that some dealers would expect you to pay extra for this crucial part of running any vehicle. As part of the process, we’ll include 12 months Road Tax as part of the deal and wave you off with a smile.

7. Part Exchange any Vehicle

Trading in an existing motorhome, whether you’re wanting bigger or smaller, often happens. But what happens if you are moving over to a motorhome lifestyle from a car and caravan outfit?  If you’ve only got a motorbike or a motorboat, what happens then? We like to make it as simple as possible. What if we said we’d take almost anything in Part Exchange? Would that simplify things and help you? Well, we do and we have quite a few customers move across to a motorhome from previously having a car and caravan. It really isn’t a problem and you could really do without the hassle of selling it privately.

8. Free Engine Service and Cam Belt Change

We employ some of the region’s top motorhome trained mechanics so that we can be confident that you’re receiving a motorhome that is the best it can be.  After all, it’s our reputation on the line so we go to extraordinary lengths to dig deep into the engine to make sure it’s in tip-top condition.  It’s interesting to note that, in general, motorhomes don’t do excessive mileage and may well sit, resting between ‘adventures’.  That could mean weeks, but it can often be months.  Sometimes those ‘resting periods can be over winter too, which can be particularly harsh.  That brings its own set of problems, but over 20 +  years we’ve seen most of it and know what to look for.  As part of our promise to you, we’ll go through the engine with a fine-toothed comb. If the Cam-Belt needs changing then we’ll do that.  Of course, some motorhomes have a Cam-Chain and that doesn’t need changing.  The belts themselves need changing around 70,000 miles in total and if it’s possible that the vehicle will reach that figure within 3 years then we’ll definitely change it, no question. Will you get that from another dealer?  We don’t think so.

9. Free Appliance Service and Gas Safety Check

There are so many aspects to owning a motorhome and, apart from the vehicle mechanics themselves, the habitation equipment is a crucial part of the luxury you would expect. If your oven, fridge or microwave doesn’t work then you’re not going to enjoy your travels, are you?  As part of our meticulous process to prepare your motorhome for the handover we go through every piece of equipment to make sure it works as it should.  Even down to the Carbon Monoxide alarm.  As your vehicle is likely to have a gas oven or possibly gas heating we put it through a stringent gas safety check too.  You can never be too careful with gas.

Alan & Karen picking up their new motorhome10. Free Cleaning, Steam Cleaning and Valeting

As part of our engine and habitation service before you pick up the vehicle we will go through the vehicle with a fine-toothed comb to make sure it is presented to you in the best condition it can be.  We’ll fully valet the interior to a very high standard and do the same for the exterior too.  If the engine needs steam cleaning then we’ll do that too.  It may reveal a leaky gasket so we can fix that beforehand.

11. Free Pre-Delivery Inspection

Our guys are sticklers for detail and after all the servicing and cleaning work has been done we go over the vehicle again to do even more checks. We want to be confident that we’re handing the vehicle over to you in the best possible condition it can be.  The guys in the workshop go to extraordinary lengths to make sure that happens. After all, you need to be fully satisfied with your motorhome. That’s why we aim for a 5-star service, every time.

12. Competitive Finance up to 10 Year

Not everyone can afford to pay cash for their motorhome, so financing is often a necessity.  If you can find your own finance solution then you’re good to go, but don’t worry if you’re not in that position.  Once you are close to making a decision and have settled on your choice of motorhome we can provide you with a no-obligation finance quote. It really is that easy! And… we don’t put any pressure on you. Oaktree Motorhomes have always worked with Blackhorse Finance as they are the most trusted leisure vehicle finance provider in the industry. Arranging your finance at the point of purchase is straightforward and simple with deposits starting from as little as £500.

13. Full Handover Demonstration on Collection

Once you’ve bought a motorhome, even if you’ve had one before you’ll want to be taken through how it works, in some detail.  You don’t want to turn up at a campsite and not know how to use the heating, or oven. There is a lot of equipment on a motorhome, from all the driving controls, audio, satnav, satellite TV, etc. to the various habitation equipment.  Then you have all the external equipment, such as water tanks, drain taps, toilet cassette, awning, bike rack and so on.  There’s a lot to go through so we take our time with you

14. Free Tea, Coffee and Snacks in a comfy reception

Yep, we provide you with a nice comfortable reception area and have free tea, coffee and chocolate drinks for you.  We always have a range of snacks available too, Crisps, Kitkats and biscuits too.  Just relax and have a break. searching for your ideal motorhome layout is exhausting and can take a while.

15. Free Guest Wi-Fi on site

Almost everyone has a smartphone or a digital device of some kind these days. It’s quite common to do your motorhome research on-the-hoof, so to speak. We thought it would help to provide free-to-use Guest Wi-Fi across our site. It makes it easier to look at our website and read the in-depth details about each motorhome, compare and contrast and make up your own minds.  Don’t use up all your mobile data… use our Wi-Fi for internet access instead. It’s free and easy to log in. If anything needs clarifying then do let us know, but Google is a wonderful tool.

16.Free to use iPads in Reception

It can be exhausting work looking at all the used motorhomes we have in stock so why not take a break in our reception area and have a cuppa and a snack.  While you’re waiting we have a couple of Apple iPads for you to use to do further research on your ideal motorhome.  If you’re not digitally savvy we’ll be happy to show you how they work and help you on your quest.

17. Free Spacious Parking Area

A simple requirement, yet an important one.  You need to have plenty of space to park a car, or a motorhome don’t you?


There are plenty of things you need to be aware of when you’re buying a used motorhome. But if you pick a dealership that you can trust to help you then you’re onto a winner.  You’ll soon realise that Oaktree Motorhomes will go to extraordinary lengths to make your buying experience a simple and enjoyable one.  That’s why we continue to refine the “Oaktree Package”.  Nothing is too much trouble to help you find and buy the motorhome of your dreams.

But don’t just take our word for it.  Have a look at the amazing 5-Star Trustpilot reviews we get.  Overwhelming evidence of our no-compromise approach. We think this is the best package of services available. Our customers deserve the best used motorhome buying experience ever!

Come and visit us today to see why the “Oaktree Package” provides the ultimate in customer-friendly used motorhome sales.

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