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Long line of used Hymer Motorhomes at Oaktree
Long line of used Hymer Motorhomes at Oaktree

If you’re thinking of buying a used motorhome, what can you expect from Oaktree Motorhomes?

Typically, when you’ve seen a used motorhome for sale you will be aware that the previous owner, whether they bought it new or used, will have bought all manner of accessories for it; awning, satellite TV, air conditioning, solar panels, bike rack and so on. Many motorhome owners will then sell or part-exchange their vehicle including many of these items as they are unlikely to fit their new vehicle. That means that when you browse through our website you’re not only going to get a great vehicle at a great price but you’re very likely to get thousands of pounds worth of accessories too along with our 5-star package.

Over 20 Years of High-Quality Service

For over 20 years Oaktree Motorhomes has specialised in providing used and nearly-new motorhomes and campervans for sale. Our large site in Awsworth, Nottingham is home to over 75 high-quality vehicles unlocked and open for you to browse at your leisure and whilst you’ll be left alone to browse we’ll be on-hand to help you make practical comparisons between manufacturers and models so that you get the best fit to your criteria.

Do You Buy a New or Used Motorhome?

OK… You’ve done your research on the internet and by looking at the glossy mags and manufacturers literature and you’ve identified all the criteria for your ideal day and night-time layouts. Wonderful. You’ve decided on a couple of makes and models that fit your criteria so the next step is to spend several days or weekends travelling around to multiple dealers to see the various vehicles. You’re convinced that once you’ve bought your new motorhome, Bob’s your uncle, off you jolly well go. Hold on a second – The idyllic world you’re thinking of doesn’t really exist for new vehicles. Let me explain…

Used Can Actually Be Better Than New

Buying a new rather that used motorhome comes with a high level of hassle to fix all the post-production quality issues that you may not have been aware of, even before you set off on your idyllic lifestyle. It’s enough to take the wind out of your sails, having paid a hefty premium.

Alternatively, with over 75 vehicles to choose from, Oaktree Motorhomes could possibly show you several used motorhome models that closely match your ideal vehicle.  The difference is that the Used ones have had the rough edges all ironed out and it’s been tested by the previous owner.  It may also come with some or all the accessories thrown in at a price that will save you thousands or even tens of thousands of pounds compared to buying new. That saving is worth having, isn’t it?  We’d prefer you to spend it on your travels and adventures instead!

Come and Experience The Oaktree Difference

We’d love to show you how Oaktree Motorhomes is changing the way used motorhomes are offered for sale.  You’ll get peace of mind thrown in for free along with a 3 year European RAC warranty, 12 months MOT and Road tax.

We want to make sure that buying a used motorhome from Oaktree Motorhomes will be the best decision you’ll ever make.


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