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Exploring the hidden corners of the country, continent or world with your significant other can seem like a dream come true. But we’ve found one way to make it even better; take your beloved four-legged friend with you.

This might seem daunting at first, putting your big bouncy Labrador in a closed space and setting off into the unknown, but we’ve got great tips, must have accessories and some of the best locations to visit to help you on your way.

Accessorised pooch

Packing everything you could possibly need for your canine friend may seem as daunting as packing for a small child, but we’ve put together a few essentials you really shouldn’t go without.

Starting with Road Refresher, the water bowl that never spills. You could be travelling for hours at a time, but it is essential that dogs always have access to clean water, so your cheeky Terrier can stay refreshed and be ready to cause more bedlam at the next destination. The bowl has Velcro fastenings which attach to the carpet and a plate inside prevents spillage even during harsh braking.

The Doggy Bag is another must have travel accessory. Available in a range of sizes, so every dog from your faithful Jack Russell to your beloved Great Dane can fit, the Doggy Bag absorbs ten times more water than a regular towel and peels mud, dirt and sand off of your dog and traps it in the bag. And there’s no need to worry about washing it out on the road, these bags only need washing every 1 in 10 uses.

We’re confident you wouldn’t set off without fastening your seatbelt, so why not do the same for the four-legged addition to your family? It not only keeps them safe, but you too; if you were involved in an accident, a loose dog could kill or badly hurt you or your family. Doggy harnesses plug into the seatbelt point or attach to a fixed point of your motorhome. Another option is a soft carry case or crate, although again, it’s important to securely fasten these down.

Where to go

In a motorhome the world really is your oyster, and now you’ve got your best friend with you there’s nothing to rush home for! But where’s the first stop? If you are thinking about heading to Europe check out our past blog with tips, advice and laws here,

Staying closer to home we’ve found some dog friendly sites for you and your energetic partner in crime. Park Holidays UK has 26 seaside holiday parks in southern England and offers pet-friendly holidays. Each park is virtually-traffic free so ideal for exercising dogs and all have nearby coastal or countryside footpaths.

Additionally, the Caravan and Motorhome Club and Camping and Caravanning Club both offer a vast number of dog friendly sites which you can find here;

Top tips

Here at Oaktree Motorhomes we’ve put together a few of our top tips for travelling with your tail-wagging friend from our own experience.

  • Start with short journeys close to home to let your dog acclimatise to your motorhome.
  • On long journeys aim to stop every hour to let your dog go to the toilet and have a short walk to prevent any accidents.
  • Be mindful where you pitch. We always try to get an end pitch, so it is more secluded and there are less distractions and annoyances.
  • Bath time – If you’ve got an outside tap great! But if not, we recommend taking a foldable bucket and sponge to get the worst of the mud off your dog.
  • Washable furniture coverings – To stop those muddy paw prints getting all over the lovely, but light coloured, upholstery.
  • Like us our dogs love their home comforts; taking their beds in the motorhome can help keep them settled and comfortable.

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