Winter storage – What to consider

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Whether you’re thinking of closing the door on your motorhome until lighter nights, the weather improves or just until the new year starts, there’s lots to consider, not just remembering where you leave the keys!

This month we consider where to store your motorhome and how best to prepare it for storage to help you get a head start in these winter months.

Motorhome storage in winter

Choosing a storage site

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to winter storage, and year-round storage for that matter, including; on your driveway if you have the space, at an official CaSSOA site; or down the road in your local farmer’s backyard that he’s converted into storage. While all of these options can prove extremely beneficial depending on your needs, below is our checklist of facilities we always recommended ensuring your storage facility has:

  • CCTV and alarms
  • High fences and locked gates with individual keys for each owner
  • 24-hour security
  • Level and hard-standing parking (you don’t want your motorhome getting stuck after a wet winter)
  • Local to you and with easy access

CaSSOA (The Caravans Storage Site Owners’ Association) aims to give caravan and motorhome owners peace of mind that their vehicles are safe by ensuring all its sites have essential security features. Including full perimeter fencing, lockable gates, CCTV and monitored entry and exit of the site.

Many insurance policies will also offer discount if your motorhome is stored on a CaSSOA site due to each site’s commitment to reducing the risk of caravan theft. You can find CaSSOA approved sites near you here,

If you have the space at home to store your motorhome you will obviously find this significantly cheaper and more convenient for when you decide to get it back into use. However, thieves are known to target motorhomes when stored at houses as it’s normally less secure, or they target the house once the motorhome has been moved as it is obvious you’re on holiday.

Preparing your motorhome

Once you’ve decided upon a storage facility you need to make sure your motorhome is prepared. From shutting off the equipment, draining systems and cleaning down your vehicle there’s lots to consider, here are just some of our top tips:

Body work. Thoroughly clean and wash the exterior of your motorhome to prevent mud and dirt eroding the paint and cover your motorhome with a purpose-built motorhome cover.

Water systems. Drain all water tanks thoroughly, including pipes by hanging them upside down. Open all taps, remove the shower head, remove drainage plugs and run the on-board pump to clear water out.

Thoroughly clean the interior of your motorhome. Not only will this ensure your motorhome is clean and sparkly ready for starting the next season, but it also ensures that no damp or mould can grow. Also empty, turn off and thoroughly clean the fridge, leaving the door ajar to prevent mould and save energy. Read the manufacturer’s handbook for specific instructions for each appliance.

Disconnect and remove your leisure battery. Store this at home and keep topping up the charge to prevent its lifetime decreasing.

Turn off propane and/or butane tanks. Securely shut off the gas supply at the bottle.

Lubricate moving parts. This could include door hinges and mechanical parts, and change the oil. This helps to prevent any problems when you come to get back in your motorhome at the end of winter.

Here at Oaktree we have a more detailed, full guide to motorhome winterisation, which you read here,

Now, once your motorhome is safely locked up for winter, put your keys somewhere safe, remember where this safe place is, and start planning out next year’s long extended European tour or quick weekend getaways.

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