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You'll be surprised at how affordable they are. If we haven't got the exact model you're after either give us a call on 0115 930 3140, email us at sales@omcmotorhomes.co.uk or just fill in the form below and we'll let you know as soon as we get new stock in.

Q. Why are motorhomes so expensive?

Bear in mind that buying a motorhome is not just like buying a van: while both have a chassis and other automotive systems; one is merely a vehicle, while the other is a home and requires plumbing, heating and electrical systems, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. Looked at from that perspective, it should become less surprising that even the most basic motorhome may cost many thousands of pounds.

Q. How large a motorhome do I need?

This is really a matter of requirement and is a bit of a Goldilocks proposition: some motorhomes will be too big; some motorhomes will be too small; but some will be just right. So, while too small can definitely represent a problem, bigger is not always necessarily better. It’s a matter of getting the right “fit” that allows you the space and freedom you need without making it too unwieldy and hard to manage. A good rule of thumb is that the longer your motorhome is going to be in a static position, the larger it can be. So, if you are planning to park up overnight in a camping ground and then use your motorhome for touring the local area and sights before returning to park up again for the evening, a big A-class is probably not the motorhome for you. If you plan to drive to your holiday location, park up and remain parked up until you return home, then an A-class may be the right choice. Though some of the smaller campervans don’t really have room to live in, all have enough to live out of, with awnings, safari rooms and folding chairs all serving to expand available living space.

Q. What layout of living space is best?

Again, this is a personal thing. You should try out any motorhome you are considering buying: is the living space roomy enough to be comfortable? Are you so tall that the overhead cupboards present a health hazard to you? Do you want a TV and if so, does the arrangement of the seats accommodate one? Find one that makes you feel comfortable and at home and not something that makes holidaying in your motorhome an endurance competition.

Q. What is the best arrangement of sleeping space?

There have been various solutions to the problems of providing sleeping space in a motorhome and you need to choose the one best suited to you. Many coach-built motorhomes have an over-cab sleeping space; but some find this a little claustrophobic and lacking in headroom, not to mention sometimes posing problems to get into and out of. Many motorhomes utilise a conversion of the seating area into sleeping space at night; this has the benefit of not taking up valuable space with a permanent sleeping area that will go unused throughout most of the day, though obviously it has to be made up each night and put away each morning. The A-Class offers a solution that is the best of both these worlds, with many models fitted with a drop down bed which gives you the benefit of a permanently made up bed that can be retracted into the ceiling space so as to give you maximum living space during the day. The thing to do when you are looking over potential motorhomes is to try out these various arrangements and go through the motions of using each and see which works best for you.

Q. How much kitchen space do I need?

It is a foregone conclusion that no matter the type of motorhome, the kitchen space will be less than in your house. But, how much kitchen space do you actually need? Ask yourself what kinds of meal you will be preparing while in your motorhome: a full roast dinner with all the trimmings? Unlikely. Often a simple microwave/oven and hob combination will cater to your needs. Ensure that the motorhome you choose has sufficient storage space, not only for the food you will consume – including fridge space – but also for any pans and utensils you may need. Is there enough food preparation space? Is there enough room to cook without disturbing others sitting in the living area? Make sure that you have a kitchen adequate to your needs.

Q. How much room is enough for a bathroom and how much is too much?

There are two schools of thought on bathroom allocation in a motorhome: those who like larger bathrooms and those who believe that the space is better utilised elsewhere. Remember that your bathing experience in a motorhome is not going to match the one at home: water is scarce, with a tank only holding a few gallons, so frugal usage is a necessity and long, luxurious showers are unlikely. As with the living and sleeping areas, the best test is to try them out: stand in the shower, sit on the toilet; see if the space suits you and your needs.

Q. What type of toilet is best?

There are a number of different options available for your motorhome toilet. Most common is the cassette toilet: a fixed toilet with a removable waste storage cassette which is accessed from the outside of the motorhome that needs to be manually emptied. The portapotti is a self-contained portable toilet in two parts: the upper comprised of the bowl and water tank; the lower, a removable water tank that, like the cassette toilet, needs to be manually emptied. The marine toilet normally has the largest capacity waste tank which is fixed within the motorhome; this is emptied by driving the motorhome to a ground level disposal point and opening a valve which allows the waste to drain out. All function well, but you need to ask yourself if you will be staying at a camp site whose facilities you will be using regularly or if you will be spending much of the time on the road. You need to chose a motorhome equipped with a toilet system appropriate for your lifestyle.

Q. Should I test-drive before I buy?

It’s always advisable to test drive any vehicle before you buy and the same is true for a motorhome, if not more so. It is not the same experience as driving a car and the handling characteristics are not the same. You should test out the motorhome on a variety of different roads; and if you are going to have a co-driver, you should have them test drive it too. Visibility can be an issue on motorhomes, so ensure that the mirrors are adjustable to give a good line of sight; additional mirrors, reversing cameras, etc. are available to address this if it is a problem.

Q. Is weight of the motorhome an issue?

Always find out from your dealer what the motorhome weighs. This should then be compared to the figure on the VIN plate to ensure that the vehicle is road legal. Remember that the weight of an unladen motorhome can increase by hundreds of kilograms when water, fuel, food, tools, clothing, people and everything else that goes into a working motorhome is added. And you should note that the power, acceleration and handling of a vehicle can be very different when fully laden than when taken for a test drive when empty.

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You'll be surprised at how affordable they are. If we haven't got the exact model you're after either give us a call on 0115 930 3140, email us at sales@omcmotorhomes.co.uk or just fill in the form above and we'll let you know as soon as we get new stock in.

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