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Thinking of buying a second-hand motorhome?

Aside from the obvious financial considerations, there are a number of reasons why this makes good sense:

Depreciation: Just like any other vehicle, a motorhome's highest rate of depreciation is in its early years. In fact, you'll lose 20% (the VAT element) as soon as you drive that shiny new motorhome onto the road. After that the depreciation rate levels off markedly; allowing you to get a great bargain on a nearly new motorhome that will afterwards hold its value comparably well.

Extras: The list of extras available on a motorhome goes on and on – from awnings, bike racks, alarms and generators to reversing cameras, sat-navs and satellite TV systems. On a new motorhome all of these come fully priced; but on re-selling they depreciate much as the motorhome itself does, meaning that you get a real bargain on any of the motorhome extras and get them at a fraction of the cost had you bought them individually from new.

Manufacturer's Warranty: Where the motorhome you are buying is still under 3 years old, it will still be under the manufacturer's warranty; some manufacturers offer longer guarantees still. Where these are still in place, the new buyer continues to benefit from them. You should always ensure all servicing requirements have been met and that the change of ownership has been legally registered if you want to be guaranteed of receiving these benefits. Even aside from any existing manufacturer's warranty, every motorhome sold by Oaktree Motorhomes comes with a free 3 year RAC European warranty.

Rapid Turnover: We have observed that many motorhomes sold to us by first-time buyers are under 2 years old. This is because within that short period they come to realise what they appreciate about the model they own, which aspects suit their lifestyle; and which aspects of the layout and facilities they would rather change to make their motorhoming experience better tailored to what they need. So they are often very willing to trade their still relatively new motorhome for something which better suits their needs.

“One Careful Owner": Motorhome owners are seldom boy racers. They invest a lot of time and care into their motorhomes as they have represented quite a large investment and they are understandably proud of them. The result of this is that their regular attention results in maintained reliability and value.

Chassis and Base Vehicle: A motorhome is, when it comes down to it, a large car; and just like any other car, there are laws that apply when they change hands. The logbook and MOT certificates are required, along with the vehicle's service history. As a rule a motorhome will have covered less mileage than a similar vehicle in a working rather than leisure role; 6000-8000 miles per year is average. As a result, mechanical problems are rare; but even in a very low-mileage vehicle, it is still vital to that it undergo careful inspection to guarantee no corrosion or seizure of parts.

Bear these factors in mind when you're looking at buying a motorhome and rather than buying new, pay us a visit and see the 75+ used motorhomes on our forecourt at any given time.

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